Women’s gift guide

To be honest I started making this gift guide and kept thinking, my page is basically a women’s gift guide everyday! So I rounded up a few favorites that are gift worthy, can be sent to your significant other to give them gift ideas, and are a little more expensive for your normal day purchase.

1. This matching set is a soft, buttery, lasts forever, and looks great worn as pajamas or louge wear.

2 One of my favorite bags. It wipes down easily, is durable, and fit everything, and has a strap to wear it cross body if you prefer!

3. This is what I use to curl my hair. It comes with 3 different wand sizes.

4. Need something compact to hold your phone, lip gloss, and a credit card? This cross body bag is it. I always take this on vacation when we are sightseeing.

5. Another version of the MZ Wallace bag. I prefer the medium tote, and thus color is amazing.

6. I have this to thank for no more break outs, and helping me fight signs of aging. I talked all about it in this Instagram post.

7. Pebble Ice is a game changer!

8. This scent is a new favorite.

9. Combat boots are the thing this season. Love this pair so much and they are so comfortable.

10. The best lifestyle sneaker.

11. Wanting thicker/longer lashes without commiting to fake lashes? I promise this works wonders.

12. Another hit by Nike are these shoes.

13. Satin pajamas in so many colors, and the price is amazing.

14. Pair this with the red light mask and your skin will continually get better and better. You think your face is clean, until you use this, then you can never go back.

15. You want a legging that makes you look 2 sizes smaller? These are them, they suck you in and smooth everything in all the right places.

16. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Hands down the best facial cleaner out there!

17. This puffer jacket is amazing! It's been out of stock but is finally back. So many other color/material choices in this style too.

18. These are my go to leggings and this new print will be sold out fast. High waisted, perfect fit.

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