The IT List For The Teen Girl

1. These hanging chairs look so cool in a bedroom. Any girl would love this addition to her room.

2. I was shocked when I saw the price of this chair from Pottery Barn. I am super tempted to purchase it for my own daughters bedroom. So if the hanging boho vibe isn't your thing this one is a great alternative.

3. What teen doesn't want a fridge in their room? This one looks so good.

4. This picture frame doubles a jewelry holder on the back side. Super unique 2 in 1 idea.

5. This gold holder would be a great option for holding makeup or makeup brushes. Plus it looks good sitting out in the open, I was shocked to see it was only $19.99.

6. Who doesn't love a hammock? And this one wins for looks. I have never seen a hammock I have loved more.

7. The day of the selfie. Make their life easier with this clip on selfie ring light.

8. Who doesn't love a soft blanket that looks this good as well?

9. This camera is the latest and greatest version of the Fujifilm Instax Camera. Including a built-in selfie mirror and extra close-up collapsible lens that produces super high-quality photos and an automatic film feed.

10. The new Amazon Echo. I'm sure you all know what the Echo does, well this newest version is updated and that much better.

11. A classic letter board given an illuminated look to draw all eyes to your message.

12. This Jewelery holder is beautiful and would look good sitting on any surface.

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