The IT List For Little Girls

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

I love my boys like crazy but the 3rd time around I was beyond excited to be having a girl. And honestly it is just as great as I imagined. The clothes, toys, accessories, having a permanent's all so much fun with a mini me. I have compiled a list of my daughters favorite presents over the last couple years. The ones she STILL uses and haven't been tossed aside. Because honestly, a majority of the toys out there are complete garbage right?

1. This dollhouse may not be as adorable as the Magnolia Dollhouse but there is something to be said about not having to keep track of a bunch of pieces. All the furniture stays in place and the house has so many fun features for your little one. Also, lets not forget that when you are done you simply close it up and tuck it away. I love that it's not huge and bulky like so many others.

2. These Disney princess toys were all the rage when we would go to the pool in Texas. All the little girls would fight over them so we finally snagged a pair of our own. 2 years later and Navy is still playing with these in the tub. Here is another Disney princess option as well.

3. This shopping cart was given to us as a gift from grandma a few years back and all of my kids have gotten good use out of it. This thing is sturdy and will not break! Plus, look how adorable it is.

4. If you have the shopping cart then you have to buy this wooden grocery store. I actually have this sitting in the storage room all ready for Christmas (the one thing I have purchased so far). The grocery store has a conveyor belt, card machine, cash drawer, and a beeping scanner. I can't wait to play with it Christmas morning.

5. Every little girl needs pretend makeup. Its even better when it looks this real. No mess, lots of entertainment.

6. These little chalk books are the perfect thing to keep your little ones entertained without making a mess. The chalk does not budge until you wipe it off with a wet wipe.

7. I'm pretty sure this Disney Animators' Collection Mini Doll Gift Set is what every little girl dreams of opening. This set comes with 13 different Disney Characters wrapped in an adorable gift box.

8. I had to throw in the best little modern table and chairs where endless tea parties will take place. I am absolutely obsessed with this set and it looks so good placed in a little ones bedroom. No eye sore with this beauty.

9. We bought this kitchen set when my little girl was 2 and she still plays with it all the time. I prefer this size to the bulkier ones I have seen and love the clean white look.

10. These water beads were a big hit last year. Just wait, you will find yourself waisting a lot of time playing with these right along your kids.

11. I absolutely loved giving this high chair and crib to my daughter last year. It makes for some great pretend play with all the babies she has to take care of. There is a white option available as well. They have held up great and still look brand new.

12. What little girl doesn't love to dress up like a princess. I have been so impressed with these dresses from amazon. They have held up so well through the rough wear and tear of princess play.

13. Okay last thing I promise. We were at Cafe Rio months ago and saw a little boy with this Peppy Pups Mutt. The family said it has been their sons favorite toy and he takes it with him everywhere. I'm thinking since this momma isn't willing to get a real dog this will be the next best thing. I have this on the girls list but I'm thinking any little boy would love this little dog too! Different dog options available.

And there you have it, I have to stop somewhere!


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