the Double Cleansing Method

Updated: Nov 11, 2018

Double cleansing, say what? So washing your face once isn't good enough? Think about it this way. The first time you wash your face you are removing makeup, SPF, and any other impurities your skin has collected throughout the day. It is suggested to use a oil-based cleanser for this. However, the second cleanse goes much deeper into your skin because it has already been primed and hydrated. It is suggested to use a water-based cleanser for this second step.

I have been double cleansing for a long time now and it is crazy to see how even after the first cleanse my face wasn't completely clean. I am 100% sold on this method and have noticed a huge difference in how my face is responding.

To see good results from this you need the right products.

1. Oil-Based Cleanser. I have actually seen people grab some coconut oil for this step, interesting right? I actually ran into a lady at Costco who was buying a huge container of coconut oil. She looked great and told me she uses coconut oil for everything! However, if you prefer to use an actual oil-based cleanser just be sure the first few ingredients are oil and that water is not on the label.

I grabbed this oil based cleanser because the reviews were so good. I love seeing my makeup melt away with the oil! Then, your skin is clean and ready to really take in the next cleanse.

2. Water-Based Cleanser. Obviously make sure water is one of the first ingredients in the label. I first tried this product at Spa Trouve about a year ago when I was getting a facial. I have been hooked ever since, SkinCeuticals has a great line of products.

Now, there are obviously several cleansers that can be used, if you have a favorite keep at it, just give the double cleanse a try. I promise you will be hooked. However, if you are needing some recommendations these are the two recommend.

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