Summer Mode

Summer is right around the corner and Spring Break is weeks away. There are some necessities to start gathering so you can be ready for that perfect day at the pool or your upcoming vacation.

1. You are going to want pictures near water, have no fear this Universal Waterproof Case will ensure your phone stays dry.

2. This Sand Free Beach Mat Blanket is magic. Sand, dirt, and dust just disappear so your not constantly having to shake it out!

3. These Dock & Bay Sand Free Beach Towels are quick drying and sand will not stick to them either! Different sizes/patterns available.

4. This Large Mesh Tote is perfect for carrying all the necessities, the price is so good. Several color options.

5. These hooded poncho towels are perfect for your little one as you head to and from the beach/pool.

6. These Zero Gravity Lounge Chair Recliners were a game changer for us. Take the to the pool, beach, or throw them on your patio. Comes with a set of 2.

7. This Foldable Straw Sun Visor is the perfect accessory to protect your face. It is adorable and comes in several different colors. And for $13.99 it is a steal!

8. This isn't anything new but it will sure make your life easier if you have these on hand. No more falling towels or the wind blowing them allover.

9. I love carrying this Colorscience in my pool bag for a quick Brush-On Sunscreen. There are different shades depending on your skin color. Here is the SPF 50 option.

10. If you don't already have these water bottles you need to get one! So many sizes, color options, and your drink will stay ice cold all day long.

11. And then this Facial Sunscreen is also a favorite. Oil free and great for sensitive or acne prone skin as well.

12. You will use this wagon all the time, trust me. Easily collapses to store easy, and easy to open up allowing you to haul anything and everything around, it has been a lifesaver on several occasions.

13. The last trip we took to Hawaii these were all over the place. A full face snorkeling mask that is beginner and youth friendly as well.

14. And you can't be hanging outdoors and not have some good music. This waterproof, wireless speaker lasts up to 6 hours and is perfect for on the go.

15. Another great sunscreen I really love is this PCA SKIN SPF 45.

16. These waterproof clearl vinyl zippered bags are the perfect way to stay organized this summer. We love to keep all of our sunscreen in one, snacks in another, etc.

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