Skincare Routine

It can get overwhelming seeing so many different skincare products shared and so I thought I would create a post dedicated entirely to what I use and when.

1-2 Like I have mentioned before, I always use a cleansing balm/oil to remove my makeup. It Is super moisturizing for the skin and your makeup will melt off. Both the cleansing balm and oil are great options but this cleansing oil is a better price point.

3. I can’t even tell you how amazing this cleanser is. Your skin feels fresh and tingly afterwards and my pores have never been better.

4. Vitamins C is your friend, it brightens your skin tone and helps with fine lines/wrinkles. This particular kind is as fresh as you will get and is stored in a little barrel until you pump it out. Because of this the product has not started oxidizing and comes out as fresh as possible. Not to mention it is 15% L-absorbic acid which is very high and hard to find.

5. Nothing beats a good moisturizer and this one from skinceuticals always comes through.

6. I actually use this as my moisturizer/sunscreen each day. It isn’t oily and doesn’t clog your pores. Honestly it’s the best facial sunscreen I have ever used and the reviews don’t lie.

7. Every night after I wash my face I lie down and use my red light therapy mask for 15

minutes. The benefit’s of this are numerous. I did a post on Instagram a month or so ago explaining it. But let me just say, I was out of town for 4 days last week and wasn't able to use the mask, oh my gosh it is amazing what that light does for my skin.

8. Retinol works while you sleep to fight free-radicals while nourishing, hydrating and regenerating skin from the inside out. When used nightly, it not only improves the overall appearance and well-being of the skin but protects it from further damage.

9. I don’t use this everyday, maybe once every few weeks. This mud mask tingles and pulls all the toxins and gunk out of your face. If you don’t believe me give it a try. It isn’t enjoyable but it sure works.

10. Tired, dark eyes? Throw these on and you’ll feel refreshed and ready to go. When I’m needing a little pick me up from lack of sleep these do the trick.

11. It happens to the best of us, that pesky zit that pops up at the most inconvenient time. A dab of this on the zit at night and it will be dried up by morning.

12. This silicone facial brush takes your cleansing game to the next level. Lightly exfoliates and cleanses leaving your skin fresh.

13. This is another retinol I love but the price point was a little too much for what I prefer. However, I absolutely love this and it wasn't too harsh on my skin like some retinols can be. I purchased this at my local medical spa, Spa Trouve.

14. Spritz this tanner on at night before rubbing your retinol into your skin and you will wake up looking bronzed without the damage from the sun. I use this a couple times a week.

15. Once a week I shave my face with these tinkle razors. You heard me right, I shave the peach fuzz right off. You will be shocked at all the fuzz and dead skin that falls off and your makeup will go on smoother than ever.

16. Last but certainly not least, this toner. No need to spend $$$ on a toner, this product will protect your skin and leave it feeling refreshed after each use, while also tightening pores for a clean look. Its alcohol-free formula prevents unnecessary drying out and will soothe with its certified organic aloe vera ingredient. I use this product before I apply any of my serums in the morning/night.

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