Mother’s Day

All I want for Mothers Day is a nap, but we know that is highly unlikely. Anyways, I love gift ideas so I thought I would share a few ideas I have for my mom and mother in law.

1. Red Light Therapy. We actually gave this to my mom for her birthday last month but it would still be an amazing gift to give anybody. The gift that keeps on giving.

2. I actually gave this print to my mom a few years back and still love it. Such a beautiful picture of motherhood.

3. This makeup case is one of my favorite things so I’m going to buy my mother in law the larger size for some big trips she has coming up. I honestly wish I had the bigger case too.

4. And then it would be fun to stick these inside the makeup case #3). If you haven't tried these they are a favorite. Or if you are a fan of lineage these new balms are so cute.

5. These personalized necklaces are simple enough to wear everyday. I have one that says mama and love it.

6. This is another dainty necklace I have that never comes off. The quality is just what you want in a necklace.

7. This don’t mess with mama vintage tee is so good. Shouldn’t we all have one for mother’s day?

But needless to say I hope you all have a great mothers day. This year we are scratching the gift giving and headed to Vegas to lay by the pool and shop.

xoxo Jess

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