July Amazon Finds

I have said it before but before I purchase anything I always double check to see if Amazon sells the same product. And most of the time they do. They just make buying/returning so easy, so here are some Amazon purchases from July worth sharing!

1. These kids sneakers are only $17, come in 3 colors, and are so cute for back to school.

2. I recently bought this protein from a friends recommendation and have loved

the flavor.

3. My charger always seems to get lost behind my side table. This cord has been the perfect solution with the weighted ball on the end. Gone are the days of constantly trying to find the end of the charger.

These are also a great 10 ft long cords that come in a pack of 3 for only $14.

4. The taste of peanut butter without the added fat and calories. This PBfit is a staple around here. Mix it with a little bit of water and spread it on your toast, blend in your protein shakes, or add some to your oatmeal.

5. I was shocked at the price of this bag! So many colors and the perfect size. I really love how it can be worn as a backpack or over the shoulder. If your in the market for a new diaper bag this would work great.

6. I recently bought this coffee table book after seeing it in a home decor store. Shocker, Amazon was less :). Easily my favorite coffee table book after the Tom Ford book.

7. These Clorox crystals only start working once they get wet. No more worrying about bleach spills or splashes, these crystals allow you to enjoy the same Clorox Bleach liquid in a form that’s easier than ever to use.

8. Folex should be in every home in the country. It is a magic lifesaver at removing stains. No rinsing, no vacuum, no waiting to see results. It is instant!

9. These Valentino dupes come in several colors, fit TTS, and are under $20. They have been on repeat this summer.

10. Once you grab this sweater you will want every color. It fits so well and works with anything.

11. This $7 kitchen gadget will be in your hand everyday. From cutting the crust off of sandwiches to cutting your kids pancakes into pieces. It has been a real timesaver for us.

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