Hair essentials for kids

Today I am sharing the hair accessories I use EVERYDAY when getting my kids ready in the morning. They just make the whole everyday hair routine so much easier!

1. Trying to get these little elastics out can be difficult and I will admit I am guilty of cutting some of Navy’s hair off when attempting to get them out. Luckily I found these over a year ago and now cutting the hair elastics out (not her hair) is so much easier!

2. A couple years ago I took my kids to get their hair cut at Great Clips and they were using these water bottles. To my surprise they had them for sale and I have used one ever since. They are a game changer! We also started using them when we iron. And good news, I have found them on Amazon for much cheaper than I originally paid.

3. It use to drive me crazy picking my kids up from school and seeing their hair hanging in their faces looking like I didn’t even run a comb through it that day. Well this gel will keep your childs hair from budging and they will look put together all day!

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