Easter Baskets

Aside from all the candy the kids will accumulate I like to put items in their easter baskets they will actually need in the months ahead. I always throw some swimsuits, goggles, flip-flops, and even some sunscreen into their basket. I'm going to have to buy those things eventually, it might as well help in filling their baskets up too. Here are a few things I am throwing in the kids easter baskets this year (or have used the past years).

Chalboard book (hours of entertainment and the chalk doesn't wipe off and make a mess)

Boys Board Shorts

Slime Baff (this stuff will provide hours of bathtub entertainment)

Insulated Water Bottle

Temporary Hair Color (my kids think this stuff is so cool)

Unicorn Snot

Girls Long Sleeve Suit or Bow Shoulder One Piece (this brands quality is great)

Pretend Makeup (11 piece) or the smaller version (8 piece)

Swim Goggles

Cornhole (we play this all the time in the summer)

Girls swim coverup (again great quality)

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