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Updated: Nov 11, 2018

Our family is currently on our 3rd home build in 5 years. You heard me right, life has been crazy and unexpected but we are finally settling and I honestly feel like everything that happened was to get us where we are now. With that being said, Tyler and myself have really enjoyed the design process and seeing our vision come to life. I feel like I have constantly been on the hunt for furnishings for the "new" home. So today I am going to share a few of my Amazon favorites that I have personally bought and love.

1. Poly and Bark Side Chairs: I bought these for the kids homework area in our old house. These contemporary chairs wipe off easily, are durable, and look good anywhere.

2. Towel Hooks: I have gravitated towards this look for my bathroom towels. Think about it.....the long rod makes it impossible to keep the towels looking nice. I would always find myself folding, refolding, and adjusting the towels to get them evenly spaced and looking good. It drove me crazy! We bought these towel hooks for our bathrooms and I absolutely love them.

3. Modern Industrial Pendant: We put these above our kitchen island with our last build. I absolutely love the gold tint inside of the pendant and the darker outer finish.

4. Bench: I personally don't have this in my home but I got it for my mom last year and am always loving the look when I see it in her house. So great for the price!

5. Turkish Cotton Towels: These towels look amazing hanging in a guest bathroom. So many color options to go with anything.

6. Desk Lamp: Sleek and simple, thats the look I love. An amazon choice at a great price and even better reviews!

I could go on and on with amazon home finds but I will stop here today! More to come!

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